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may 2024 🍊

greetings, website viewers and blog readers! I can't thank you enough for being here.

let's talk about what may was like, starting with the most boring... ✨

✨ I randomly walked the whole Hollywood Reservoir alone on one of my days off. I didn't really mean to... I was in Hollywood after a fitting, felt a sharp need for wilderness, found it on a map, drove myself there, started walking it, and just didn't stop. it was a lovely 3.5 miles. 🌲

✨ I applied for passport renewal! it was about to expire, and I plan on globe trotting ASAP. 🌎

✨ my boyfriend started teaching group fitness classes in our backyard. it's SO fun. lots of our friends have been showing up, and I feel STRONG 💪🏻

✨ I saw my close friend's directorial debut: a production of the play Really, Really by Paul Downs Colaizzo at Theatre 68 in North Hollywood. it was beautiful, heartbreaking, and conversation-sparking. I am so proud of you, Ele! 🎭

✨ I'm still so thankful for my background acting calling service. they continue to book me on EXTREMELY EXCITING STUFF. I've had fittings and work days galore, and always love working alongside my fellow Film and Television ARTISTS! 🎬

✨ I had a friends-and-family SCREENING of my short film in my backyard...

✨ AND, DRUMROLL PLEASE FOR THE HEADLINER... THAT FILM, ORANGE LIKE ME, WAS ACCEPTED TO ITS FIRST FILM FESTIVAL: Midsummer Scream Halloween & Horror Convention's The Screaming Room Film Festival in Long Beach.

oh my god. first of all - reaching the actual SCREENING phase of this film is a huge effing accomplishment. it took a REALLY long time, so I have to give myself flowers. 💐💐💐

second of all - confession time, I was a little hungover in bed when I discovered the film festival acceptance email. talk about a hangover cure. I was on the phone with my best friend, with my boyfriend by my side, and the three of us screamed with glee for several minutes while I danced around the house.

(and I haven't stopped dancing around the house).

it is so absolutely validating and heartwarming to be recognized by Midsummer Scream. I feel so blessed and so SEEN!

also, get this: the film festival has categories, such as Slasher, Psychological, Monsters, etc... and they put me in the category entitled: "WTF???" I hope you enjoy reading the category description as much as I did:

A mind-bending collection of bizarre shorts that throws everything but the kitchen sink at you. From a homicidal mom and a singing killer clown to a whole lot of orange juice, prepare to be shocked, disturbed, and left saying 'what the...?'


twice, if you include that "kitchen sink" remark. (I think it was meant for me). 😝🤪🤩😍😭


Orange Like Me screens at 11AM on Sunday July 28th at the Long Beach Convention Center. Tickets here:

if you're reading this, you're probably one of the people who made OLM possible in the first place... either by supporting my crowdfund with your hard-earned dough, or by being a family member or friend whom I leaned on through this insane process.

thank you, thank you, thank you, I couldn't have done it without you, I love you.


AND OF COURSE, because I love ending the blogs with this:

the AMC A-List roundup. What films did I see this month?

🎬 Challengers

🎬 I Saw The TV Glow

^SO awesome to see my old friend from NYU, Brigette Lundy-Paine absolutely killing it. go see this film.

🎬 Poolman (Live Q&A with CHRIS PINE!!!)

^Mr. Pine is definitely the most humble and kind celebrity I've witnessed at a film Q&A so far.

...yikes. only three movies?! I have GOT to step up my game.

let's go, JUNE!!


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