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march recap 🖼️

hi all! march was a bit of a difficult one for suz. I did not get as much background acting work, had some car trouble, and definitely felt the pangs of aging in a world that values youth, and had a mental breakdown or two...

but, we out here 😎

💜 my dad finally met my boyfriend. it was long overdue, after 5 years together! we had a wonderful time. frank took us all to the magic castle.

💜 I hosted an amazing burlesque show at the High Roller Tiki Lounge in Solvang (highly recommend this spot!!!!!!). it went swimmingly, and I'm so proud of myself...

...because I was absolutely sick to my stomach ALL DAY with stage fright leading up to the show.

I get stage fright before every live performance. without fail. but it usually starts about two hours before curtain... not eight.

I feel bad. leading up to the show, I tried to enjoy the day in Solvang with my friends, but I had to keep going to the car to just relax and practice deep breathing... (!!!!!) I just felt so nauseous and sick, and couldn't understand why.

the moment I stepped onstage and spoke into the microphone, I felt 100% better.

it was just anxiety. 😐

so there you have it... ya girl suffers from major stage fright. especially at new, out-of-town venues, apparently.

💜 oh and, I got new headshots. check it out! see attached photo, plus they're all over my website.

💜 quick note, I am INTENSELY enjoying being an AMC A-Lister. I saw the following movies in march:

🎬 Late Night With The Devil (THE BEST MOVIE I'VE SEEN IN AGES.)

🎬 Bob Marley: One Love

🎬 Knox Goes Away (Live In-Person Q&A with Director/Actor MICHAEL MF KEATON)

🎬 Dune Part Two

🎬 Immaculate (Live In-Person Q&A with Sydney Sweeney (!!!!!) and Director Michael Mohan)

thank you for being here. 🍀


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