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january recap 💋

signing up for this background acting calling service was the best thing I've ever done. my only regret is not signing up SOONER!

they booked me LOTS of background acting work this month... and I'm talking weeks on set for huge productions. I've been paid and fed well, while working alongside some of the biggest people in the biz, and finding incredible, like-minded creative people in my fellow background actors, some of whom will be my friends for life.

I have been inspired and blown away every day watching actors and crew members do their thing. I love this industry so much. I love Los Angeles. there is magic everywhere.

I also had the incredible opportunity to be part of Bejeweled: A Taylor Swift Burlesque Tribute Show produced by Bubblegum Burlesque. I was their kitten. (for the layperson: kittens pick up clothes and money thrown during a burlesque show, and look real cute while doing it) 🐱

Bubblegum is a burlesque company owned by two of my close friends. I've been working with and MC-ing for them for over two years now, usually at the Scarlet Lady Saloon in Culver City, but also hitting other venues in LA and beyond.

hosting these burlesque shows has made me grow exponentially as an entertainer. it's like standup comedy, but WAY easier... because I can rely on the dancers to be sexy, and just talk about tits and ass the whole time. 😛

but I have to be sharp with the crowd work, stay on my toes, and be ready for anything, like when a fight breaks out in the bar, or if someone tries to put their hands on one of my dancers... 👊🏻

but this show, Bejeweled, felt different. in a good way. and it made me emotional. Bubblegum has officially leveled up. the venue of the Taylor Swift show was none other than THREE CLUBS HOLLYWOOD. (if you live in LA, and you haven't been to three clubs, what chu doin??)

the show was phenomenal. production quality through the roof. I am so proud of Bubblegum and all its dancers, and I am so proud to be part of it!

(and god dammit... Taylor Swift really is incredible).

I also got to go glamping with my boyfriend and his kids at the KOA Barstow for my bestie's birthday.

what a good life. see you in the next one. 😎


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