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welcome to the suzletter ✨

greetings, readers. happy july!

this is your very first SUZLETTER! thank you for being here.

lemme tell you what’s up: I quietly started this blog on my website a while back.

the intention was a monthly recap for myself, to keep track of my career goals and exciting happenings (because 2024 has been HAPPENING).

but every time I write, I'm wishing I had an audience… shocker! 🤪

so that’s why you’re here now. thank you again.

around the beginning of the month, you'll receive an email from me recapping the previous month: stuff I’m loving, deepest thoughts, and of course, exciting entertainment career updates.

and if you REALLY like keeping up with me, do go back and read the old blog posts... they are fun :)

june recap incoming... ✨


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