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february recap 💕


if you're reading this... thank you <3

I promise the blog posts will get shorter...!


(I'll try)

this month, I did more incredible background acting work. I am so pleased with my calling service for booking me so frequently on these sets. as I've mentioned before, getting PAID and fed, whilst working alongside some of the greats in this biz, is nothing short of magical. ✨

one day, I even got to share the screen with one of my idols. storytime.

there I was, in my period attire (80s 😎), seated amongst my fellow background artists for an outdoor scene, waiting for the shot to be set so that cameras could roll.

suddenly, the dude I had been placed next to got up and left. turns out he was not a fellow background artist, but rather a stand-in... for a very famous academy-award winning actor. said actor humbly walked into the scene, gave us all a polite hello, took a seat... and then did his thing.

we even shared a little eye-contact during the scene, because the director told us to react to what he was doing. (um, hello? of course I was already doing that anyway... #natural #actress). he reacted to my reacting.


of course I cannot mention any details about the actor or the production until after it airs. hopefully our shot makes it into the final cut... we shall see. stay tuned 😎

this month, I also... directed a short film!? 🎥

it's funny... you are probably already aware that I wrote, directed, and produced my first short film orange like me in 2023. I also starred in it.

I still grapple with the question, how does one really direct themselves? I mean, I certainly directed the hell out of that production (pre-, mid-. and post-...)... and I directed myself to direct it...

so, orange like me was my the first time directing, and this short film was my second? or was this my first "real" time directing, because I was finally directing other actors? idk.

nonetheless, thank you Gabriela Collazo and Rafaela Gonçalves for signing me on to direct this beautiful short film, and for trusting me with it. it was a big stretch for me, very stressful and intimidating, and yet... also so right, so freeing, so magical.


also... and this is a big one... I turned thirty 🥲 goodbyeee to my twenties!

in some ways, it's terrifying. but in others, I'm very zen. I can actually feel that my brain has fully developed. things seem... on-track. I feel better than I have in the past. I'm not as scared and confused. I know that I've got this.

my thirtieth birthday was an absolute banger, by the way. you really missed out, reader.

the extravaganza was Old-Hollywood-themed (dress to impress!). we began with a sushi dinner and drinks at my house, followed by the surprise appearance of a Michael Jackson* impersonator dancing and lip-syncing in my backyard, before the giant 30-person PARTY BUS picked us up. then we danced and drank our way to the Continental Club in Downtown LA, where we had a VIP table.

*if you're wondering how sushi and Michael Jackson fit the Old Hollywood theme... just trust me, they do.

**also, you're thinking too hard about things.

***ALSO, I am a newly-converted MASSIVE Michael Jackson fan, and I will not be taking questions at this time.

AND! my best friend in the universe surprised the SH*T out of me by FLYING TO LA AND SHOWING UP AT MY HOUSE the day of the party... while I still had rollers in my hair. (we have been best friends since the fourth grade. she lives in Albuquerque now). love you, Ana!

oh and, one more thing. I signed up for AMC A-List. that may seem unimportant, but the truth is, nothing could be more important. three movies a WEEK, screenings, and celebrity Q&As? and I get to do my all-important Industry Research™️ by seeing the newest films, and hopefully write off the membership in my taxes later (if I can figure out how taxes work)...!? it was a no-brainer.

I saw POOR THINGS (which is now one of my top 10 favorite movies of all time).

okayyy, sorry, it's just that february had a LOT!!

if you made it this far, thank you. you just might be my biggest fan 🥲



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