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april 2024... an overview

hi everyone, how was your april? 💕🐣🩵🐣💜🐣💕

mine was... unbelievable.

I got some FANTASTIC auditions. thank you to my agent, myreon!!

dream roles, dream projects, dream casting directors to be in front of. how is this my life?!

and I booked TWO THINGS!!

  1. THE LEAD in a terrifying short horror film, which was shot, edited and posted SO FAST, so you can watch it now: Serbian Dancing Lady 4

  2. THE LEAD in a USC MFA thesis film! I got my handgun training for this one... (see photo). we shot in the desert for two days, and they got me a hotel room. am I a literal princess? I am so unbelievably grateful, and excited to see the finished product!

to be clear: the above bookings were unpaid. but still extraordinarily exciting. (welcome to hollywood, baby!!!!!!)

I also got to do some more awesome background work, where I am constantly meeting amazing actors and creators.

at the end of every post, we're gonna do the AMC A-LIST ROUNDUP! what movies did I see this month?

🍿 Civil War

🍿 Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

🍿 Love Lies Bleeding (!!!!!! SO SO GOOOD)

🍿 Sasquatch Sunset (Live Q&A with David Zellner & Olivia Wilde) (an absolutely WILD film.)

🍿 Abigail

🍿 The First Omen

life is good, baby. 😎

bring it on, may!!


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